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About the Club

The Leicestershire Gundog Society was first registered with The Kennel Club in August 1967.  From that time the Society has had as its objectives the encouragement of interest in the gundog group and the development of the natural instincts of this group.  To achieve this the Society has historically promoted and organised field trials, working tests and shows. Our current calendar offers a full programme of field trials and working tests for retrievers and spaniels.  Details may be found in the relevant sections of this website   As opportunity arises we also conduct training seminars, both practical and theoretical to further the knowledge and expertise of our members.




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Following the disappointment and frustration caused by the cancellation of all our working tests and field trials during 2020 the LGS committee intends to run a full events programme during 2021/22.


Outline diary details for spaniel working tests will appear shortly followed by retriever tests.  Field trial information will be published in due course.


At this early stage of the year we are working on the assumption that a phased move out of national lockdown to a tier system will take place.  The details regarding dates, gathering numbers, travelling and any other restrictions are, of course, unknown but they are unlikely to be less onerous than those in place during 2020.


Our arrangements for events will comply fully with Government requirements and KC guidelines.  As the recent past has shown these may change with little warning.  We all, organisers, helpers and competitors, will need to be agile in our planning and reaction to evolving regulation as our event dates approach.


We will do all we can to keep you updated regarding any changes to our arrangements for events.


I look forward to a more satisfying year with increasing light at the end of the tunnel and wish you all every success in your endeavours.  



E Bratton


2 Feb 21

Please download our Covid Guidance here